Secondary Tutoring – Breakaway Tuition

Secondary Tutoring

Maths. English. Science. HSIE subjects.

We can fill the gaps and give your child the CONFIDENCE to take on the WORLD!

Often the gaps can appear as early as Primary School, and they have been brushed aside until there is a NEED to move forward.

We look at different techniques and methods to held to guide your child forward in their schooling.

What Do We Teach?

Often many things that appear in one subject, like difficulties with comprehending and understanding information, flow throughout other subjects. Although we associate comprehension with English, we also comprehend information in Maths, Science, HSIE etc. etc. so a difficulty in English, will actually be a difficulty across the board.

Essay skills? Can’t get the information from the head to the page? All of these difficulties flow across everything too!

Maths got you down? Come and see us! Let us help your child to build the skills to SUCCESS!

Our High school tutoring is about MENTORSHIP, CONFIDENCE and GUIDANCE, which we provide plenty of at Breakaway Tuition.

We are curriculum EXPERTS so your child is in the BEST HANDS!!

Length of Sessions

All of our High school sessions are 1 hour long! Need more? Come and have a chat and we will discuss if we think this is going to benefit your child.

This is crucial in High School as we need to give equal time to both subjects.

Most High School tutors are specialised in a specific subjects (a few of us float between subjects too!). This means if you are looking for Maths AND English tutoring, often this will be 2 sessions a week, one of each. This is crucial in High School as we need to gain to skills and give equal time to both subjects if this is the case.

What about other subjects? See the skills list above? Remember that many issues that we have can appear in the other subjects. If we tackle it in one area, and then show the connection to another subject, you’ll see the world a whole lot CLEARER!

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