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Primary Tutoring

The Primary years are crucial to forming the base of skills required in later years. There are stacks of different methods that are used to teach concepts and often it is as simple as finding the method that best suits your child to see all the pieces of the puzzle click together!

Often parents are looking for both English and Maths help for Primary school, and we can do both of these together in a one hour session, or if you are looking for these separately, we can do this too!

What Do We Teach?


We find the gaps first! From there we form our tutoring plan and then work on filling the gaps. This might mean we need to backtrack a little and dip into concepts from lower grades…….. But once the holes are filled there is no limit to what your child can achieve!

We KNOW the curriculum! We KNOW what to teach and how to do it! We SEARCH for the specifics that your child needs help with.

Length of Sessions

Depending on the age of your child, will depend on what we recommend regarding the length of sessions for them. The skill/s that your child and tutor are trying to master will also affect the length of session.

Our friendly tutors will discuss this with you during your first consultation.

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