Irlen® Screening

Do your eyes go funny?
Do they make everything fuzzy?
Do you hate writing things down?
Do you hate reading aloud?
Do you get tremendous headaches at the end of every day?
Do the words. Change. Shape?

Irlen® Syndrome is a condition that goes unnoticed in many people around the world.

As parents, you know when your child is struggling to make sense of school work….or alternatively, you are aware when you struggle to make sense of things you read yourself.

Not confined to reading, Irlen® lenses can also assist you with migraines and other heath ailments you have been struggling with for years!

It doesn’t have to be that way!

If you have invested a small fortune of time and money….and still haven’t got any answers…. Irlen® Screening is worth a go!

Ring us today to book your screening with the Southern Highlands only certified Irlen® Screener. For more information: