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Academic Assessments

We can provide you with a full comprehensive, academic assessment.

We can however also provide you with a full ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT.

Our academic assessments are written specifically for each Year Group and the skills that should be acquired across each Stage.

During testing, we look at things your child should already know, things they should be working on and then things they will be looking at.

We can look at a number of subjects, a specific area (ie. spelling) or one subject area.

Our academic assessment gives us a FULL PICTURE of what is going on for your child.

During our assessment, we will also be taking notes on other issues that arise for your child. If we believe that you may need to seek additional help from other professionals, we will let you know at the conclusion of the assessment and help to guide the way.

Length of Assessment

Because assessments are sometimes intense and mentally straining, the length of the assessment varies from child to child. Assessments, however, should take no longer than an hour and a half to complete.

What is included?

Our academic assessments are written specifically for Breakaway Tuition by our own tutors.

As well as the initial assessment, your will also be provided with a comprehensive report on the assessment conducted. The report will be detailed with what areas we covered, what was found, suggestions on how to assist the student in the classroom and how to move forward.

We will also provide you with any further professional information that we think will benefit you and your child.

This written report can be forwarded to your child’s school or other professionals working with your child. We are also more than happy to discuss this, with your permission face to face, via email, or on the phone.

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