Tutoring Services

This is why we are here! We can help you with many educational struggles your child may experience.

We will provide you with guidance and support and help you get into contact with the right people who can help your family.

At Breakaway Tuition we want to help you find a SOLUTION, rather than a quick fix!

Booking process

First Step:

Contact us! Send us an email or give us a call. Book in your FREE consultation session.

Your first session

Consultation -- come in and have a chat with one of our tutors! This is our opportunity to make sure that BOTH you and your child let us know where help is needed.

Assessment -- quick, direct, to the point. Our rocket assessment will be used to help our tutors quickly identify the main learning issues and the underlying factors that may be causing this confusion.

Immediate Feedback -- you will then receive feedback and a quick plan of attack straight away!

Next Steps:

  1. Fill in the paper work.
  2. Organise your payment.
  3. Reserve your ideal time spot and day.