• Episode 21: All About Irlen

    So what is Irlen Syndrome? It is one of the pieces of the puzzle you should DEFINITELY consider when you are trying to figure out what is going on for your child (and yourself)! It can be a huge piece of an often complicated puzzle!

  • Episode 20: Maths and Maths Struggles

    Maths is hard. You either get it..... or you struggle with it! I know first hand what it is like to struggle with maths, as I've been there myself... .but there is a way forward. There are lots of things you can do to help you move from struggling with Maths to confidence in Maths.

  • Episode 19: HSC Tips and Tricks

    The HSC is just around the corner for another year. Here are some super tips to help you organise your study sessions, and get the most out of your time heading into the HSC!

    Click here to download our HSC Tips and Tricks PDF.

  • Episode 18: R U OK Day

    This Thursday the 10th of September is R U OK? Day.

    It's all about checking in with your work mates, friends, school friends and people surrounding you, and sitting down and asking them honestly and sincerely "Are you OK?" Really listen, really be there for them!

    This episode speaks a bit to my experience as a teacher and tutor with R U OK? Day.

    If you need support in resources for having the tough conversations simply head to: https://www.ruok.org.au

    If you, or someone you know, needs support other places to turn to are:

    Lifeline- https://www.lifeline.org.au or 13 11 14
    Beyond Blue- https://www.beyondblue.org.au or 1300 22 4636
    Headspace- https://headspace.org.au
    Kid help line- https://kidshelpline.com.au or 1800 55 1800

  • Episode 17: What Happens in Initial Tutoring Sessions

    This episode runs through everything you need to know about the process we go through when it comes to initial tutoring sessions. We go through: matching processes between students and tutors, what to expect in initial sessions, assessments, communication between other professionals and what why we don't run a program based tutoring centre.

  • Episode 16: What Has Been Going On!

    It's been a while between episodes! What a crazy year we have had so far. Join Alysha as she fills you in on tutoring in the online world!

  • Episode 15: Speeches and Speech Anxiety

    Does your child struggle with speeches? Do they really hate standing in front of their peers to speak? Speeches are a skill that children will need to use continually throughout their lives. Anxiety surrounding speeches is something that can be overcome in small steps and this episode is here to help guide you with useful tips and tricks to getting your children to give speeches a go!

  • Episode 14: Assistive Technology

    Technology is changing the world we are operating and learning in very quickly. With new technology, comes new opportunities for learning to be access by all individuals, those with learning difficulties and those without. Assistive technology is being used more often in schools, allowing all students to equally access the information they need. These range from using phone and computer technologies to apps and settings in devices we use everyday.

  • Episode 13: All About Irlen Syndrome

    Irlen Syndrome is one piece of the puzzle that can make a world of difference to many people. I have Irlen Syndrome myself ..... and my coloured lenses make everything a thousand times better for me! Join me, Alysha, on my journey into Irlen .... What it is, What a difference it has made in some of the lives of my clients and what a difference it has made for me!

  • Episode 12: Internet Safety for the Changing World

    The internet keeps changing and with the continual development of new apps, websites and interactive social media means that as parents, we need to stay more on the ball as ever. A lot of this comes down to modelling the correct usage for our children. This episode goes into just that!

  • Episode 11: Essay Skills Course

    Learn more about our BRAND NEW online Essay and Study Skills course. This is a 10 week course, perfect for students starting Year 11 and 12.

  • Episode 10: Study

    This buzz word is something we hear from the start of Year 7 all the way to the HSC. Join Alysha for the nitty gritty of study. The what, the why, the how and the where are all important elements of study to consider and in this episode we are going through them all!

    Click here to download a Mindmap Example.
    Click here to download a Cornell Notes Example.

  • Episode 9: Bouncing Book Buddies

    Reading, comprehension and writing for kiddies between the ages of three and six.

    We believe that reading is a super important skill that we all use every day. Often, our love for reading, our love for books and all things learning comes from when we are really little as well.

  • Episode 8: Protecting our Children's Eyes

    Alysha is joined with the owner of "School Shades", David Whetton for this episode of Breakaway's podcast.

    Eye health. We know how important it is.... But did you know that most of the damage is done when we are children?

    Why? Because we don't start wearing sunglasses until we are teenagers! David is on a mission to ensure that our children's eye health is just as important as wearing hats and protective clothing outside. Want to get School Shades for your school? David spends a great deal of time talking to executive staff and School P & C's to spread his message. You can find more information at: SchoolShades.com.au

  • Episode 7: Building Resilience at Home

    It is super important that to combat bullying and even the effects of everyday life on our kids that we provide opportunities for our kids to develop the tools required for resilience. We need our kids to be resilient so that they can continue to shine brightly, even when someone else is trying to extinguish their light. This episode runs through some practical tips on how we can help to build this for our kids at home!

  • Episode 6: Bullying and conversations with our kids

    This episode explores ways in which we can open up the conversation about Bullying and the impact it has on others - with our kids.

    You can click here to access the blog on the experiment. It also has conversations starters available at the bottom of the page!

  • Episode 5: Keeping our kid’s safe on the internet

    For those that missed it, the 5th of Feb was Safer Internet Day. It takes a village to make sure that our children are using technology correctly. This episode gives you some food for thought when it comes to teaching our children about technology, you might even find something useful for you!

  • Episode 4: Organisation for Year 11 and 12

    We've done Kindergarten and Year 7, now we are looking at organisation for Year 11 and 12. This is a super episode on all the little bits and pieces for senior students to think about and consider when it comes to assessment, organising study notes and achieving gold in their HSC.

    Click here to download additional material.

  • Episode 3: Questions for the Start of School

    We had lots of questions come through about starting Kindergarten! Join Katie in Episode 3 as she answers some of the most burning questions about the start of Kindy! Have a listen for advice on: finding the perfect fit for your child's shoes, what is the best size of bag, munch and crunch basics, home reading 101 and much, much more!

  • Episode 2: Starting Year 7

    The start of Year 7 is an exciting time! It is a different ball game to Primary School though. This episode goes through the major differences your child may experience during this often challenging time while giving you, the parent, tips with how to help your child navigate this change!

  • Episode 1: Preparing for Kindergarten

    Welcome to our brand new, Breakaway Tuition podcast.
    This first episode is about preparing your children for Kindergarten. Come and join Alysha and Katie as they discuss creating routines, making learning fun and dealing with nerves and separation anxiety.