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Let us help put the learning puzzle together!



We have a variety of tutoring services available to assist your family.

Academic Assessments

Academic Assessments

Need a comprehensive assessment? We can provide this for you!

Educational Consultancy

Educational Consultancy

Just wanting some guidance and direction? We are here to help you!

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on helping your child to BREAK AWAY from everything that is holding them back!

We Work With You!

Have questions? Need support? That is what we are here for! We not only work closely with your child, but we work closely with you as well!

Individualised Tutoring

Our tutoring is creating with our students in mind. Each learning opportunity is catered to your child's specific needs and requirements. Why? Because we all learn differently!

No Groups!

Our tutors are firm believers in providing your child with one-on-one education, which differs from regular schooling. We ensure our students receive undivided attention.

Qualified Professionals

All of our tutors are qualified teachers. We all come from different walks of life. We all have one thing in common — we love learning and teaching.

Connecting the Puzzle

We are passionate about helping parents put the puzzle pieces together for their child. Tutoring may only be one element need to help your child succeed.

ATA Member

Members of the ATA

Breakaway Tuition is a member of the Australian Tutoring Association. We are qualified tutors. We care about bringing educational assurance and industry standards to our community.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Our centre is comfortable and well equipped for learning. We have 4 private tutoring rooms and a further 3 tutoring booths that we work from. Private and comfortable.

Central Location

With a bus stop out the front, the Marketplace just down the road and off road parking? Our central location is close to buses and trains too!

Our Centre

What Parents Say

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the help we have received. My son’s grades have improved and he is beginning to enjoy Mathematics.”


My daughter actually like Maths! I never thought that would happen!


Thank you! You have given my child a new love of English! We are so lucky to have found you.

Moss Vale

Your tutoring centre is fantastic! We travel down weekly for the extra help. The confidence that we have seen my daughter develop is amazing! Thank you!


I’ve received help from Breakaway for a few years. Finishing my HSC with them was the best decision I made. Not only were all their staff helpful and professional, they helped me whenever I needed additional help too!


I am really impressed with how thorough Breakaway Tuition was. I thought tutoring would help my daughter, but quickly learned that I hadn't considered her hearing, vision and the way her brain was processing the information too!

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